What will be on Your Fall Table?

by Selma

September ushers in a season I love.

In the summer, small colorful salads satisfied us. Fall offers us a chance to revamp our menus at home. For me, everything about the new season is amazing, but I’m particularly drawn to all the food that the season allows us to bring to our tables. Well, if not to our tables, then to the tables at the different restaurants in our areas.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who finds that food catches the essence of the season and that it nourishes our souls from the inside. Mother Earth is generous to us. That said, I dare ask you: what will be on your table this fall?

At mine there will be braised lentils, parsnips, Butternut squash and Kabocha, crunchy al dente green beans, hearty stews, sweet potato raviolis, pickled apples, glazed pork, mushrooms, and if I can wing it, osso buco. Hahaha — if only! …the vegetables will definitely be there.

Fall reigns supreme!

Ah yes, I entered a writing contest this month and wrote my contest piece with that theme in mind. I want to invite you to read my contest submission published with Short Fiction Break.


…And if you don’t mind, tell me what will be on your fall table. I really want to know. Blessings. Happy Fall.

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