Hooray for the fun! Is the pudding done?

by Selma

“The New-England Boy’s Song about Thanksgiving Day.”


Fondly known as “Over the River and Through the Wood.”

Are you familiar with the song? If so, I invite you to sing along with me. I’ve attached some amazing pictures I found at Pixabay to help you remember. I hope they help. The hint is in the fond title… and it ends with the pumpkin pie. Enjoy.

Hooray for the pumpkin pie!

Pause! Enjoy the simple joys in life. Happy Thanks and Giving Day; Happy Thanksgiving!

4 Replies to “Hooray for the fun! Is the pudding done?”

  1. I took a break from prepping the turkey for tomorrow, and saw your blog post. Now I have this song happily running through my head! I had to research it, of course, as I had always heard it as a Christmas song. I like it better as the original, celebrating Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi. Glad you dropped what you were doing to to read. Haha. It’s a thanksgiving song. It was news to me as well. I thought of adding lyrics but then got scared about copy rights and such.
      Thanks for joining me in singing the song.
      Happy Thanksgiving Terrye Turpin dear. Is your turkey done? Is the pudding done?

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