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Eavesdroppers everywhere…

Do you talk to yourself?

Duh! Who doesn’t, right?

Whether it’s out loud or internally, talking to oneself — that’s something we’re constantly doing.

From what to wear, what to eat, what to do next, to how do we look at the moment, how do we feel — we are always in conversation with ourselves.

But did you know that even in the quiet of your own thoughts, assuming it’s quiet in there; in your self-talk you might just be sabotaging the sovereignty of your own thoughts to an entity that is always present?

Your mind!

Yep. That’s who’s eavesdropping.

“Your mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk.” Jim Kwit

It’s time we realized this and change the way we do our self-talking.

“I’m being completely honest,” you say, “I say it how I see it.”

No doubt that’s what most of us think.

Switch over to this example for a minute:

Say, you go to the gym and you see these women engrossed in their physical exercises. “Wow,” you say, “I’m not strong like them. They can do that because they’re strong.”

“You’re not strong,” the eavesdropper chimes along, then it’d add, “let’s go home to Netflix.”

You say it the way you seeing, right? Hey, pause for a second. Are you really seeing what you’re saying? And here is exactly how you’re putting thoughts and unnecessary pressure onto yourself.

Switch over to this thought now:

“Wow, those women are strong because they are doing it*,” (it* stands for whatever you like), “if I allow myself to try just as hard, at my own pace of course, I too could be strong like them.”

And guess who’ll hear your thoughts?

And guess who’ll be an inspiration to someone else next year?

See what I mean?

Watch what you think.

Say it the way it IS.

Update. Reprogram. Thrive.


Dec. 12th. Published in Medium: https://medium.com/@SelmaWrites_20774/eavesdroppers-d23882fe0a49?source=linkShare-52c0e8e690ed-1514557556

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