How do you put up with allergies?

Not asking for sympathy; just sharing.

And yes, it’s ok to laugh…

How are you today?

As for me, I’m getting ready to face the new season with a little trepidation of sorts. It’s funny (actually, there’s nothing funny about it really) how you can be excited about the arrival of a new season and at the same time dread the same.

I worked hard on my garden last year and the thought of spring visiting me and my garden has had me in a yippee-ki-yay mood. Yeah, it deserves reiterating for optimum impact: I’ve been ever so excited about Spring this year even disregarding the memory of allergies that accompany it until the pang that is rampant in my chest (I mistook it for excitement at first) explodes into uncontrollable sneezing. But unlike the relief one feels after a sneeze, this time the relief never comes. And worst still is the hazy lethargic feeling in my head that though silent, sounds so noisy and itchy inside.

So yes, I have a real love/hate; hate/love (?) relationship with spring.

Not my most dignified-self to want to be around with but yet still my most authentic self!! I have no other.

I hope you’re spared. I honestly hope that allergies aren’t part of your day in day out routine. I certainly don’t wish this on anyone.

With a head that feels like an apartment where the guy upstairs walks up and down on creaky floors all day long, a red nose that resembles a leaky faucet and sensitive ears directly connected with your nostrils and palate, (we know they’re all connected but bet you’ve never “felt” it). Today even the antics of my beloved Don Quixote can’t bring me relief. Can’t get any reading done right now. Darn!

In hopes of conquering spring allergies, last year I started a couple of regimens, so add disbelief to the pang I feel in my chest and you’ll have a better idea of how delirious this feels.

But now I’m wondering if the exertion that comes with every sneeze qualifies as exercise. Perhaps I should ask Dr. Oz? I’d argue that it qualifies. Because at the end of the day my muscles are sore. So let me sit here and spend the day exercising… I’ll emerge healthier for it!!

Skies are cloudless again today. Quite picturesque but a curse for those like me. I think I’ll go gulp down some hot tea. Perhaps that will numb my nostrils somehow and bring some quiet in my head.

Incidentally, in this part of the world, mouth masks are an accepted item with no diminishing qualities to the dress code. So I’ll make sure to get me an ample supply.

Writing to you today was the highlight of my day. Thanks for allowing me to release this way.

Hope yours is a pleasant one. Count your blessings. Good Night. 

5 Replies to “How do you put up with allergies?”

  1. Hi Selma, I met you through the Spring Writing Contest site… you won’t know me as I wasn’t as chatty as you so didn’t post many questions. I’m a bit shy, but I read all your posts!
    This is a lovely website, very professionally done. You must be a ‘pro’ at this…I’m just starting one too, but it’s nothing like this one…
    Very interesting and well written.
    I’m so sorry for you allergy. Thanks for the information.
    Regards. Marie.

    1. Marie Ryan. Hello. Oh thanks for connecting. I am beyond words– thrilled you posed on my page. I am so happy that you enjoyed my stories. You are sweet!!!
      And you saying that I must me a pro makes me giggle. I’ve only been here doing this since February. Please don’t shy away from me. You have a friend in me already. I’d like to read your work. Please come back and leave link. Thanks for reading.
      I loved that writing contest. I’ll sign up again. You Rock marieryan!! Know that. 😘💕

  2. Hi Selma, you’re very inspiring! Thank you.
    My little website is about Spanish Grammar, learning a second language etc.
    I don’t get many visits but please come by and let me know what you think ….😇

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