MY Prayer for YOU Today

Do you remember the music you listened to when you were eighteen? Do you remember how it made you feel? Of course you do. We all do!

And to take it a little further, do you remember the perfume/cologne you chose to wear then? I most certainly do. The Avon Lady visited often and kept me supplied with Sweet Honesty.

If close my eyes and I can actually smell that fresh, sweet scent. It’s yesterday once more… I think that’s amazing!

Three decades ago, (0k, almost four decades  ago) I was eighteen years old — It’s a long time ago. I’ve seen a lot and done a lot, learned a lot and changed a lot too but the soul of that eighteen year old still resides inside of me. Still young… I think that’s amazing too!

I don’t want to return to that year; I like it where I am now, but to have lived it and to still remember that season of my life with such clarity is a miracle indeed.

Today I pray that wherever you are in your life’s journey that you stay true to that beautiful soul that still lives within you. Appreciate your human-ness. Nurture your spirit-ness. Live in the moment. Stop trying to ‘outlive’ your days or your years.

Because life isn’t something that happens TO you; life is something that happens THROUGH you and AS you. There is no life apart from YOU. Do your living with gusto!!

The Carpenters

With lyrics *wink*

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    1. pearls and lace. Yes! Nice!
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