Welcome to my blog. In my Intricate Beginnings Blog I hope to paint a picture for you about the Intricacies and Follies of my people and town through the eyes of a child. This town and these people exist in my head. I will give this town a fictional name like Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Macondo.

There’s a wealth of ordinary hue in my people. I will attempt to bring out their color and flavor in bits and small pieces.

The more I write; the more you read, the closer you’ll come to like and understand my Macondo. And if you still don’t understand, know that you’re not alone. Sometimes, I don’t understand either. In that case, I hope that the words that I use to paint these pictures, leave an impression in your soul.

In between stories, I will also add letters (hand-written letters) sent/received through snail-mail.

Selma is my Pen name. I am as shy as they come. Exposing myself like this will be therapeutic for me. Besides, I want to clean house as these characters have lived in my head for too long. I want to set them free.

I hope to post at least once a week and I hope that the blog-reading community gives me a chance to soar as high as my creative-wings will take me. Be generous and honest with your comments please because I want them.

I really look forward to connecting with you! xoxo S.


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  1. Hello S,
    It looks like we started blogging around the same time. AND we seem to share something else: the need to clean house.
    Please check out : mywritedrawer.wordpress.com
    Stories to tell. People to meet. Ghosts to nurture.

    I tried to explain why I started my blog in the “About me..”

    I’ll be following you.

  2. Hello there N. I’m thrilled you stopped by to look around and so glad you left me a comment. Comments are certainly precious to writers!! I’m still ‘new’ and overwhelmed with it all. It’s not an easy ‘thing’ to do. I checked out your blog. Loved it. I’ll be following you too. Now that I know someone’s reading perhaps I’ll try to post more often. Thank you!!

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